Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What is the Most Difficult Part of Hosting the Fly-In?

Occasionally, people ask us, "What's the hardest part of hosting the fly-in?"  Depending on the date, our answer has been different.  Usually it is locating a food vendor, finding enough help, or keeping our sanity.  Today though, we realized our responses have been wrong all along.
What's the most difficult part of hosting the fly-in?  Now that we've discovered the truth, it is hard to believe we didn't see it before.  It may even relate to keeping our sanity.
What is it?  Having all the supplies to make s'mores sitting on the counter and not touching them until the fly-in.
Refusing to partake in the digestive deconstruction of such wonderful treats is so difficult we believe we have discovered a universal truth.  S'more ingredients bought too early will vanish without cause.

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steve said...

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