Monday, August 28, 2017

TeeSix Eclipse and a Bright Day.

A few months ago I bid off for two dates, the eclipse, and some friends' wedding. Fortunately, we were able to see our friends tie the knot. Unfortunately, we missed the eclipse.

Why we missed the giant shadow is something we'll discuss in the future. As for the wedding, if you've been coming to Lee Bottom for any amount of time you likely know Cory (Thomas). He's been helping out around the field since he was a kid and he's family. A few days ago he married a lovely girl, Shelby, that made his half a whole. I can't remember seeing two people who seemed better together, who worked better together, who I was so happy to see marry.

Congratulations to them both. Looking back, their wedding was a bright day which capped a week that started with a giant shadow. A good trade.

If you're wondering what gives with the "TeeSix Eclipse," my brother, and Matt Erwin, went for a ride to video the event.  Here's the link, or you can watch it below.

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