Friday, August 25, 2017

The Final Sinful Sunday of 2017 - One We Will Not Forget

The final Sinful Sunday of 2017 was a success. The weather was perfect, attendance was great, the food was fun, and the selection of aircraft spread across the spectrum. You should have been here.
Ginger’s idea to have the White Castle Crave Mobile on hand was a big hit. Sliders and Cheesecake on a Stick; what more could you ask for? Additionally, from our standpoint, a fully contained food source made everything much easier. It was how they all should be, with one exception.
When we decided to restart Sinful Sundays a decision was made to have other groups run them. That was exactly what the events needed. Although much simpler than the fly-ins, there is still some grunt-work required and having others help with the drudgery makes a huge difference. Therefore, the first two were easy.  Unfortunately, the final one had no outside sponsoring group.
Because of this, when a few things went south at home, we struggled to get everything in place for the event. Were it not for one hardcore volunteer, it would have been ugly. Yet, it did prove the formula; outside sponsoring groups are critical to the future of these events.
If you know of a group, or are part of a group, who may want to “sponsor” a Sinful Sunday in 2018, let us know. They do not have to be aviation groups.
Sponsoring one of these events involves getting the port-o-lets, arranging for food and desserts, setting up, and taking donations. Non-profit groups, volunteering in conjunction with our non-profit, shoot to cover their costs and receive enough donations to contribute to both groups. The first two events of the year did exactly that.
The dates for next year’s Sinful Sundays are June 10th, July 8th, and August 12th. The sooner groups sign up to sponsor them, the quicker we can commit the field and begin the marketing process. Without sponsors for the events, despite their success, it is doubtful they will continue. A group effort is the only way forward.
Thanks again, to everyone who made the effort to attend the August Sinful Sunday. We hope to see you next year. They truly are a lot of fun and it’s great to see all of you in one spot.
Oh wait. Did I forget to mention that Tom McCord brought a Bearcat to Sinful Sundays? It was a beautiful thing to see – easily one of the most memorable moments in Lee Bottom history.
Although most people were flipping out over the airplane, the real treat for us was seeing “Tommy” (as we’ve always known him) at the helm of the ship. That made it special. He may not be a kid, but he is certainly part of the next generation of pilots.

Sadly, warbirds have long been absent from grass roots events such as ours. No matter how skilled the pilot, those of previous generations always had a reason for not attending. Tom, on the other hand, brought a Bearcat for sliders and all he asked was, “How firm is the runway.” This is what the warbird community needs. This is what aviation needs - new blood, a little less class structure, and a lot more grass-stained fun.

PS: A huge thanks goes out to White Castle for bringing the Crave Mobile to the event. Everyone loved it.

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Anonymous said...

Tough to beat having a Bearcat at your grass field fly-in! - jed