Friday, June 3, 2011

Greatly Reduce the Cost of Mowing

Each year, the Lee Bottom Flying Field Board of Directors searches for new and innovative ways to manage a hundred acres of turf.  Over time, through trial and error, they have developed a set of best practices that gets them the healthiest grass for the runway, areas that support both runoff and wildlife, and low maintenance methods for reducing the cost of maintaining it all.  The economy being what it is, reducing expenses is a priority.

When handed this task, Lee Bottom Flying Field management did not shy from the problem and instead decided to increase the fescue R&D budget.  Thanks to this decision a breakthrough was made and today they are excited to announce they have discovered the secret to greatly reducing the cost of turf management.
Elsewhere, in every state and in every county and town, people pay professionals good money to help them maintain turf and reduce the total cost of maintaining it.  Unfortunately, those business may suffer greatly when this long held closely guarded secret is revealed.  What is it?  Are you ready for it?

OK, here goes; the secret to reducing the cost of turf management, the thing that will restore you sanity, improve your marriage, give you your life back, and put your bank account in the black is to not cut the grass.  Yes that's right, you heard it here first.  Letting your grass grow greatly reduces the cost of lawn mowing.  Yet there's more!!!
If like so many others, you don't want to cut your grass but you don't want it to be five feet deep, you can add low maintenance sheep to your property.  This ancient secret once belonged to the original turf management specialists of centuries past and now it is yours for free.
Ginger Davidson of Lee Bottom Flying Field says "We used to have to bush-hog that field right over there for car parking during the fly-in but now the sheep do it for free; it's wonderful."
Testimonials like these just go to show the success of this ancient method for controlling turf.

Disclaimer:  Sheep poop.  If you do not want poop in your grass this method is not for you.  Fencing is needed and excited dogs may be zapped by an electric fence.  Careless husbands may also get their leg zapped an initially feel they may never walk again.  Any man, friend, or family member but mostly husbands will be forced into erecting fences and barns.  Husbands will also be "asked" to make room for all "the sheep's stuff."  Neighbors may be drafted at any hour of the day or night to help find escaped sheep.  Grass may be cut with teeth of sheep.  If you want your grass to grow, do not put sheep on the grass.


Anonymous said...

Who knew! What a great public service, to bring this to the attention of the grass-runway pilots.

Anonymous said...

Ginger, don't forget that you'll need to regularly drag said field from time to time to prevent a patchwork series of 'fertilized' clumps from forming in the turf. ;)

Clyde in Seattle said...

Congratulations to Ginger!
Wonderful solution, and I bet they each have appropriate names.
For the heavier stuff, goats are the answer..out here a herd can be rented by the day/wk/mo.-delivered & picked-up.