Thursday, July 7, 2011

New Friends

Meeting aviation’s finest is one of the great pleasures that comes with owning your own airport. Without fail, just when everything is going wrong, you find your two days off filled with three days of chores, or you’ve just about had it in general, along comes someone that makes you smile. This time it was three people.
Jerry Cornwell and his friends Bill and Kathy Stratton stopped by the other day to spend the night. Having both started from Florida in RV’s each had built, they met at Lee Bottom. Prior to their arrival here, Bill and Kathy had been all the way to Maine but Jerry had left later and thus flown pretty much straight here.
The spirit of all three made us dream of being that happy and healthy when we get to be their age. Although not old, they were definitely younger in mind and body than calendar and we hope to see them again.
If you are in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, or any others in between, look for them. When they left here they were headed to Johnson’s Creek and then planned to tour Washington and Oregon before rounding out their trip by visiting Monument Valley on the way home.

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