Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Is Your Aviation Bucket List?

Do you have an aviation bucket-list?
Well, do you? There are so many things one could hope to do with aviation that it should be impossible to choose. Yet, nearly everyone I ask has something specific in mind. What is yours?  Each groups seems to trend differently so we're curious how this group stacks up?
Often just putting a dream in writing is enough to get it rolling so why not post it here in the blog comment section or on our Lee Bottom Flying Field facebook page? It’s possible someone reading it could hold the key to making it a reality.


Mike said...

Hello from north of the border in sunny Southern Ontario. 2 things for me in retirement - My own flight school for recreational pilots and get a chance to fly a DHC-2 Beaver on wheels and floats.

Jerry said...

I have my own strip here in NW Florida. Eglin AFB flies C-130's at 200 to 300 feet routinely over my house/runway. Over the years I have grown to love those old workhorses. I would like to fly in one someday.

Randy said...

Aviation Bucket List? My first thought is that I have been so blessed to have flown so many wonderful aircraft, in so many interesting places, and seen so many beautiful sights from cockpit windows . . . it's hard to think in terms of what else. But I am human, after all. So, to earn a seaplane rating, to fly a B-25 and/or a B-17, and to fly in Antarctica, to make 7 out of 7 continents. But if I achieve none of these, I'm still a lucky, lucky pilot.

Anonymous said...

A flight in Crazy Horse of course.