Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oshkosh Bound

Are you going to Oshkosh? If so, Ginger and I hope to see you there.
Every year, as we walk the grounds, we’re amazed and tickled to see everyone wearing their Lee Bottom caps and shirts. Running into these people has been so much fun in past years that this year we hope to do something special for those we see. Keep an eye out for us. Their might be something in it for you.
As for our ride, this year we’ll be going open cockpit. For many years we flew antiques to the show but then a while back we started hitching rides to the event with Ron Alexander in his DC-3. And let me tell you, if there is a way to go to Oshkosh in class, it is in a DC-3. So why then would we go back to flying open cockpit with limited space, multiple stops, and oil stained goggles? Really, you have to ask? I know, it’s an easy decision but there’s more to it than that.
EAA is having a special display at Oshkosh about Air Mail and Ron asked me to fly one of his Stearman’s up for display from Peach State Aerodrome. A rare C3B, it is also painted in a stunning Western Air Express (correct?) paint scheme that draws bigger crowds at the gas pumps than any plane I have ever seen. As usual, a big thanks goes out to Ron for trusting me with his baby. If you’re near the vintage area, look for us around the plane. If you see Ron, thank him for flying and allowing his Stearman to be flown to events like Oshkosh. There are no hangar queens in his stable.


Robert said...

So who gets the empty DC-3 seats?? :) - Robert

Unknown said...

hello guys, I love Oshkosh. I will support you guys. Keep on riding and be safe always. Thank you.

blanch: Oshkosh kids photographer