Thursday, August 8, 2013

Buzz On Over to Our Fly-In

Last year, my event planning faculties switched into automatic pilot mode and the largest single day educational event at the Clifty Falls State Park Nature Center was born as ‘The Buzz About Bees’.  It provided a much needed outlet to forget about the devastation at home and the airport while Rich was out of town for four months straight training for a new job.  The result of my efforts was the claim to the most successful event of its type ever held at the park.

The problem though with creating a great event is that everyone wants you to do it again and again. This case was no different.  Therefore, knowing my time was limited and all the airport events had been cancelled for 2013, I thought there had to be a way to provide a combination that was something special for everyone without taxing our available resources. This lead me back to the common theme of ICE CREAM.

Not to be confused with our previous events that had delectable Sinful Sunday milk shakes and sundaes, we have dubbed this a Substitute Saturday.  Yet, ice cream we'll have on hand, small cups of honey ice cream made in Indiana, is sure to be a treat for everyone who attends.  Meanwhile, ‘The Buzz’ being heard around the airport on Saturday, September 14th  from 1PM to 3PM, will come from airplanes and discussions about bees.  Please note, there will be no food served, so be sure to bring your picnic basket or eat before you visit – just save room for the ice cream and honey.

Knowing pilots need a little push to get the plane out of the hangar, we invite you to buzz over to the field and enjoy an afternoon event with your friends.  On hand will be displays covering a range of subjects from plants bees pollinate to the equipment needs of a beekeeper.  Additionally, a sealed transparent observation hive will be on display so you can see the bees up close and without the fear of the dreaded sting.   Discover how honey makes it from the hive to your table.  Taste different varieties and colors of honey and compare ‘the real deal’ to that you buy in the store. My bee family is looking forward to having this avenue to share their passion – those crazy black and yellow insects that transform nectar into a sweet delicacy known as honey.  We hope that you will BEE THERE to share your passion about flying machines.  It will be the only event we host at the airport this year and we look forward to seeing you all.
Buzz on over, September 14th, to see what it's all about.


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