Saturday, August 10, 2013

Damn, You Can't Hide Anywhere

I was in Narita stoned out of my mind with fatigue (thankfully on a couple day layover), and trying to study for a PC, when the Captain called to see if I was up for breakfast. Sitting at the table our conversation followed the usual aircrew pattern.  When it turned to the subject of who or why someone would do this job, I received what may be the best compliment anyone has ever sent my way.  He said, "You strike me as the kind of guy who'd rather be flying crop-dusters."
Is it really that obvious? I mean, I do everything I can to hide it. One time I even pointed at a plane I was 60% sure to be an Airbus and acted as though I cared. This double agent stuff is harder than I thought.  Heck, I may have to start drinking coffee to pull it off.

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