Sunday, August 11, 2013

Volunteer Appreciation Picnic

Have you ever helped us at an event?  Did you fix a tractor or come to our rescue after the tornado?  Maybe you've repaired plumbing on the "outhouse" or fixed some wiring.  It's possible you parked planes or cut up peaches.  Whatever the case, if you've ever volunteered to help us here at the airport, we'd like you to know we greatly appreciate it.  Therefore we hope you'll attend the Volunteer Appreciation Picnic.
Held immediately after "The Buzz About Beez" flying event, on September 14th, it will be open to anyone who has ever volunteered here at Lee Bottom.  Our goal is for it to be an informal event that enables us all to get together for the sake of getting together.  Without the usual events, we've really missed seeing everyone and have realized how many of you have become great friends despite the fact we only see each other a few times a year.  If you can attend and you plan to make it, please let us know by signing up here so we can plan accordingly.

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