Tuesday, July 8, 2014

American Sky - A Book Review

Several months back, Fred Tribuzzo sent me a copy of his book American Sky.  All he asked was that I read it and give it a review.  I agreed.  Anyone who has actually followed through to write and publish a book deserves that. 
American Sky is Fred’s story.  That’s pretty much it.
But wait, don’t you have a story?  Think about it.  Don’t you have moments you remember with vivid images?  The sights and sounds come to life in your mind when triggered.  Maybe it’s the smell of hot hydraulic fluid or a specific sound?  Whatever the case, everybody has them.
Perhaps there was someone who meant a lot to you who has passed but you would give anything for them to be here?  Or what about that near death experience, the hairy approach into crappy conditions?  No?  Maybe it was the old abandoned plane you couldn’t help but wonder about at that one airport you used to fly into?  Pilots are born romantics and these memories are their seedy affairs.  It’s where the mind goes when things aren’t so great or everything is wonderful.
American Sky is the written expression of Fred’s memories.  Unlike most people though, he has the skills to pen them properly.  Because of this, as his words tick by on the page you can’t help but appreciate his past.  It’s just like yours and yet it’s not.  Your own memories flood in and a kinship is felt.
Tribuzzo’s book may appear to be nothing more than the well written expressions of his experiences in the air, but they are much more than that.  These stories tell you who he is while reminding you who you are.  We all have a story and in some way his book reminds you that it is worth telling.

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