Thursday, July 24, 2014

Where Can You Be Found At Oshkosh?

Everyone has their thing.  You know, it's the one item you purchase, singular party you attend, person you hang out with, or spot in which you camp.  Whatever the case, you have that thing. Do you know what yours is?  Have you ever thought about it? Maybe you could try something new?
Here's my thing; first thing in the morning I'll text friends on the inside to find out the skinny, catch up with a buddy to check out the coolest planes on hand, make lunch plans with the same person because it always means a diverse group of people at the table, walk around, make dinner plans, spend money, go to dinner.  Each day is the same except for the time that fills the gaps.  At those times I go out of my way to meet friends who I've come to know but never actually met, to catch up with those I have met on occasion, and to find out who I really need to meet. After all, it really is about the people.
Every year it's the same with one exception, this year.  Since I'm nursing a bad knee you may have to look to find me.  Maybe I'll be relaxing in the shade under a tree, riding in some golf cart that goes by very fast, or hanging out in rarefied air.  I'll be there but you may not see me.  But all things considered that may be for the best.  I'm kind of cranky without my biplane shade.

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