Friday, July 25, 2014

The One And Only Stearman M-2 Has Moved

I've been watching the Stearman M-2 for some time.  I remember when I first laid my hands on it as the restoration neared completion.  The thing is massive.  In fact, although many people call other Stearmans a "Bull Stearman", this is the actual model Stearman that was called that by her pilots when she was new.
Coming apart for the ride home.
Alan Lopez is the man responsible for bringing her back to life and the Posey Brothers are responsible for the construction.  But, from here on out the WAAAM (Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum) will be responsible for supplying a roof over her head and wind under her wings for what is hoped to be a long time.
Loading up for the move.
When I first heard a deal was in the works I was excited.  Alan was growing tired of the effort involved in saving such a beast and WAAAM was the logical new home.  Therefore, when word came the deal was complete I was happy for everyone.  It's going to a wonderful organization and Alan knows one of his greatest achievements will live on.   Congratulations to everyone involved.
Click here to check out the WAAAM website.   Simply put, the place is great.


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