Sunday, August 17, 2014

Claim Your Cone - Update

As you can see the current cones are getting rather tired.
Fortunately, you can help this one retire by sponsoring its replacement.
Read how below.
(The sponsorship of cones is starting to take off.  We hope you'll consider getting one for yourself or someone special.  There simply is no better way for individuals to support the continuation of the Wood, Tailwheels, & Fabric Fly-In than by sponsoring a new runway cone.  Leave your mark on Lee Bottom and support good, old-fashioned, grass roots aviation.)

Identifying the runway at Lee Bottom are 48 white, high visibility, rubberized cones.  Used for their ability to contrast with the grass and mark the boundary without inflicting damage to errant aircraft, they hold an important position here at the field.
Throughout the typical year, one or two will get beat up by a mowing deck, a few might grow legs in the middle of the night, several are chewed on by deer, and all of them witness the incredible variety of people and aircraft that come and go.  Standing as sentinels they see it all.  Unfortunately, they also wear out and they aren’t cheap.
Having nursed this latest batch of cones to twice their typical lifespan, the time has come to replace them.  How to pay for them though is always a tough question.  Because of this we’ve come up with a fun way to do it.
This year each cone will be available for sponsorship.  “Claim a cone” for $100 and you get to sign your name to it and replace an old one with your new highly personalized version.  You will also receive one ticket to the fly-in.

Until the cones wear out again, or something tragic happens to your cone, it will sit watch over a beautiful grass strip.
Maybe you want to write an "in memory of" on your cone, place a short note about the weekend on its base, or just fire off a fancy signature.  Whatever your desire, we hope you will consider claiming a cone and adding your mark to Lee Bottom Flying Field.

All funds raised through the program will go directly to paying for fly-in expenses.  If the friends of Lee Bottom were to sponsor every cone, a significant percentage of fly-in expenses would be covered.
Claim your cone now by clicking here.  It is the same page where you purchase fly-in tickets.
Our friend Larry "claimed" three cones several years ago when he hit them with the mower.
This one only suffered minor lacerations.  The other two spent time in the ICU.
To this day I think of Larry every time I see one of "his cones".

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