Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Fly-In is Back!

The fly-in at Lee Bottom is just over a month away and there is much to do.  Yet, we wanted to take a break and remind you once again that it's just over a month away and there is much to do.   I realize I said that twice.  Our heads are spinning just trying to get ready for it.  That's how it is to us.  Go like mad until the event kicks off and then try to keep up.  For you though, we hope your excited to attend its first year back.
If you've forgotten, here's a quick rundown of the event through the years.  First held in the mid/late 90's, the event rapidly grew to become something special.  For many years it expanded, finally reaching the point it attracted over 400 planes and visitors from nearly every continent..  Then, starting in 2010, we had a rain out, followed by average weather year at best (but ok turnout), followed by a tornado, then a small fund raiser which was tailed by a year in which we just couldn't bring ourselves to do any kind of event at all.  We were tired of spending money, beat up, and literally sick.  A new job and an illness in the middle of that was more than we could handle so we simply took a break.
This year, later in the calendar, the decision was made to hold it once again.  Ginger, being pretty much fed up with it all and on sabbatical, said it was up to me and I made the call a little late in the year.  I just couldn't see not having it again but I had to figure out if it could be done with minimum expense and fluff and still be a quality event. So, that's what we're doing; trimming expenses and fluff.
Now the question falls to you; will you attend?  Out of sight out of mind is as relative to fly-ins as it is to people.  Some events, having missed just one year, were never able to make it back. I've seen it happen time and again.  But, many of you tell me that is not the case with Lee Bottom. Your words of encouragement are very kind and we hope you are right.  We hope to see you here on the grass come the weekend of September 19th.

NOTE:  If you do plan to attend, be sure to read the following posts which will contain important information.
If you want more details about the fly-in, click here.

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