Monday, August 18, 2014

First Fly-In Sponsor

The Lee Bottom Fly-In has received its first sponsor for the event, Gordon Farms. Having been in the same family for over 100 years, the owners of this operation based in New Palestine, Indiana, felt our out-in-the-country, laid back event was the perfect venue for their sole sponsorship of 2014.  We want to thank them kindly for getting us off to a good start.
Of course, we're pretty sure that when they realized they could be first on the list, that may have been what pushed them over the edge to do it.  Being first on the sponsorship list comes with many great benefits such as being first on the list, being ahead of the second sponsor on the list, and of course, not being last on the list.  The Gordon Family have always been known for their shrewd monetary decisions and this obviously fits the bill.
Thanks again to Gordon Farms for the sponsorship.  We're sorry you can't make the fly-in but we'll understand the absence.  How many folks ever get the opportunity to sail half way around the world to teach farming to the people of the the South Pacific? Have fun.

For anyone else who may want to sponsor the Lee Bottom Fly-In, click here to learn how. Sponsors keep this event alive.

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