Monday, May 18, 2015

Another Old Friend Gone

Here I am with Roy and the Eagle just before its last flight.  That plane was perfect.
Although I never knew Roy Foxworthy well enough to write pages about his life, I did, for a period of time, come to know him as an aviation friend.  He was kind, smart minded, and someone I always enjoyed visiting.  Being part of a larger group of friends I now rarely see, I was saddened to learn of his passing through second hand channels.
As you can read in his obituary, Roy was a fascinating man who wore many hats. When it came to our friendship though, it was based solely on aviation.  He was an avid aviator, homebuilder, and restorer. Among his projects was a Christen Eagle that was destined to be an EAA Reserve Grand Champion Kit Built, and his rare Johnson Rocket which he restored.
When Roy began to wind down his affairs so he could truly enjoy retirement, he called me to see if I was up for doing him a favor.  I was honored to be asked.  A few weeks later I flew his Reserve Grand Champion on its final flight.  When I landed his masterpiece, Kalamazoo had a new aircraft.  Before that though, Roy gave me another great experience.
The summer before, Air Classics was in the area covering all the cool old machines available for viewing when Roy offered to let me fly his Johnson Rocket.  I found it to be a great airplane and the workmanship he had put into its restoration top notch.  It was a real treat and something few others ever got to experience.  I'll never forget it.
Thanks Roy.  You contributed much to the world of aviation, and for whatever reason you left me with a handful of treasured memories.

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