Saturday, May 16, 2015

Here's to You...

Here's to all to all the people out there who defy the bounds of sanity and financial responsibility to host events for aviators and aviation enthusiast. You're all crazy as hell and I am thankful for that. Without that one loose screw there would be no events to attend.
When the people have come, enjoyed, and gone, they may not understand all that you sacrificed to provide them a venue for entertainment, but I do. Never undersell yourself. You are giving aviation more, both physically and financially, than 99% of people in the sport.  Aviation should embrace you and expect to give something in return and you should never be ashamed to ask for it.  You are not twisting the screws on aviation. You are merely asking aviation to give you the basic courtesy it would give anyone else providing such a valuable service.
That said, here's to a great summer of ignoring reason in favor of flight.

Fort Parker Flying Field - A great field you may have never heard of.

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