Thursday, May 21, 2015

Are You a Lite Reader or Do You Crave More?

How do you keep up with the latest in aviation?  Does most of your knowledge about the sport come from hangar flying sessions?  Or, do you get your news and insights from organization based magazines?  What about social media sites; do they fill most of your desires for "what's new?"  Are you someone who prefers to read the blogs? Have you ever even thought about it? If so, I have some questions.
Are your magazines something you can't put down or are they merely something you read because they feature aviation?  There is a difference.  Do you keep them with you like a good book, reading every word, or do they lie around only being read when you find yourself bored?

When it comes to social media sites, do their posts come wrapped in sensationalism only to be revealed as nothing more than weak attempts to fill "air time?"  And what about the depth of material; do the social media posts broaden your insight into aviation or do they merely serve as audio visual entertainment?
As for the blogs, what about them appeals to you?  Do they appeal to a specific interest you have, or are you attracted to the more in-depth discussions often found there?  It's probably something you never really think about, right?
I understand that asking where you get your news is like asking "at what time did you breath today?"  Most people just do what they do.  In this case though, I hope you'll take the time to read and consider my pitch.
Come on in.  The water's fine.
NORDO News offers a perspective on aviation you can't find anywhere else.  Our posts may be too risque for other aviation media outlets, but the majority of their editors read them. That's because we discuss what they wish they could.  It is for this reason, months after our posts have tested the waters, you'll often see them float the same subjects in watered down fashion. Save yourself the time.  Read NORDO News.  Sign up below.

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