Thursday, September 1, 2016

Half Price Fly-In Tickets Available Through September 5th

If you want a deal on fly-in tickets, here is your chance.  Through September 5th, 2016, you can get them for half off the regular rate.  Of course, if you'd rather pay full price you can wait and get them from the same location.
What else does buying early accomplish?  It helps us plan for the level of attendance.  Imagine trying to plan for how much food you need at an event like this.  Anything that gives us a better idea at an earlier time makes that easier.
Buying early also means you are willing to make a small investment in the future of field.  There are no refunds on the tickets.  Therefore, by making the purchase you are saying I'm willing to risk a small amount of money in exchange for an honest effort to host a great aviation event.  If horrible weather strikes, everyone takes a small hit instead of a few taking it on the chin.

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