Thursday, September 29, 2016

Once in a Lifetime Light Show

Photo - Panoramic Images. Not quite like what we saw but still good.
I have experienced the northern lights. Although seeing them is fairly common, what our crew witnessed last night, over Canada, is not; a natural light show of atmospheric proportion.

Climbing away from Rockford, they were immediately visible. Alive in ways neither of us had ever heard described, the view left us attempting to do it ourselves. To the north, overhead, and even to our south, they whipped excess energy from the atmosphere the way flames transport the coals’ hottest fire to their tips.

From takeoff to landing, they were visible. It was impossible to look away for six hours. Closing in on Anchorage, the entire burning sky became sheets blowing in cosmic wind. Curving away into the distance, areas of color turned brilliant white. Their hems changing sharply to green and then red. If there were any Italians in the air in our area, today they are telling friends of a message from God.

With me was a captain who once lived and flew in Alaska. His reaction revealed what I felt was no overreaction. It was something I would never see again.

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