Tuesday, September 27, 2016

How Did We End Up With Such Good Sponsors?

See a list of this year's sponsors here.
How a field in the middle of nowhere ended up being sponsored by some of the best companies in aviation never ceases to amaze me.  Sure, Lee Bottom is a public use field.  But, other than that, it isn't part of a large aviation group, there aren't any major businesses bases here, and there's not even some wealthy guy building up a private collection of rare aircraft. No, it's a large grass runway with view and that's pretty much it.

Why then did it end up, associated through the years, with such names as Sporty's, Cub Crafters, Oregon Aero, Garmin, Poly-Fiber, Univair, and more.  Maybe it's the same reason Lee Bottom earned the support of many first class smaller businesses that are owned or operated by aviators.  Everyone is looking for something honest and genuine; a glimmer of hope the aviation we all love still exists, somewhere, out there.

Ironically though, the things that make the field so appealing are also its greatest weaknesses.  Located in the middle of nowhere it has survived where others while gobbled up. It's too far for many convenience seeking pilots to frequent, yet without their support it is guaranteed to disappear. Were it closer to a city, it would have been gone long ago. Still, we all want places like Lee Bottom to survive, and that's why I believe we have such great sponsors.  I also speaks volumes about the sponsors themselves.

Thanks again to our sponsors. They believe in what Lee Bottom represents and are willing to stand up to support it.  Please thank them by giving them your business whenever possible.

Click here to see the items our sponsors have contributed for auction.

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