Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Old Plane Flies

Thanks goes out to Lorraine Morris for the photos.
Congratulations to Ron Johnson, the owner of this beautiful Buhl Pup, for putting another old plane in the air. Yesterday, July 16th, Ken Morris took it aloft for its first flight after some extensive work. From what I understand, the engine has an incredibly precise overhaul and purrs like a kitten; odd for a pup.  Above and below are some photos taken before, during, and after.  Any day something like this returns to the sky is a great day.

What it's all about.  

Thank Ron Johnson (left) for loving this plane enough to put it back in the air.  Ken Morris (right) was the pilot.

I love this photo essay on the Vintage Community.  Your pride and joy is about to go flying, you don't like the look of one of the bungees, and so you decide to change it out.  How do you do it?  Don't worry, "vintage folks" know how to get stuff done.

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