Saturday, July 13, 2013

Those Were the Days

Cropdusters still operate across the fruited plain.  Amber waves of grain continue to benefit from the practice. And, on either side of purple mountains, agricultural spraying companies offer their services for whatever crop is farmed in their area.  Yet, one thing has changed; the operations themselves.

Absent in America are operations like the one in this video.  Although some may be close, you'll never see the combination of freedom, personal demeanor, and equipment again.  It is the perfect representation of a segment of Americana, which is gone for good.

Watch and learn, or remember.

Mississippi Delta Crop Duster Pilot from Don Guy on Vimeo.


Paul Champion said...

That was freaking awesome!!! That kid made it look SO easy!!!! Just loved it!!!

Paul Champion

Ron Rex said...

This was great. Very well filmed and edited. Being a Stearman pilot, I naturally had to bookmark this page. Ron Rex