Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Aviation Historian Responds to Whitehead Hogwash

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Ever so often an idea or a movement comes along that is so blindingly stupid you can’t see your way to respond.  Yet it is the lack of response which allows horribly flawed ideas and incredibly irrational movements to take hold and move forward.  Without a swift and factual retort, the most silly of notions can blossom and propagate until they threaten to choke out reality.  Connecticut’s decision to recognize Gustav Whitehead as the first in flight is such a movement built upon the baseless notions of a man named John Brown.

Sadly, by legally recognizing Gustav Whitehead as the first in flight, the only things Connecticut accomplished was proving its state government is riddled with fools and demonstrating the willingness of groups to accept anything as factual as long as it is self-aggrandizing.  The State of Connecticut is now officially an embarrassment to any American who values facts over fantasy.  John Brown, on the other hand, has become a hero to bullshit artist around the world.

Another tragedy of this Gustav Whitehead business is the downfall of Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft.  By recognizing Whitehead, this publication has shown it is now nothing more than a has been rag looking for any way to prop up its failed business model.  Rest in Peace Jane’s.

Thankfully, there are people willing to stand up for what is right and factual.  Amazingly though, for a good response to this silly Whitehead business you have to go overseas.  Despite being something American aviation should have crushed upon arrival, little was heard in the states except for the repeating of press releases generated by the State of Connecticut.  The Aviation Historian, on the other hand, has produced a point by point factual response second to none.  I encourage you to read it and take particular note of the photo claimed by John Brown to be the new evidence.  It looks to have been taken directly from the Rorschach Tests for Dummies book.  What do you see?
Click here to see the article from The Aviation Historian.  After reading it, I encourage you to pass it on.  Friends don’t let friends cling to silly ideas.  This is a serious issue for aviation to get straight. The Wrights were first; no question about it.

Note:  American aviation publications should be embarrassed by their lack of appropriate responses to this issue.

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John Brown said...

Your 'facts' make interesting reading. I think you'll find the article you refer to is short on facts too. Like your lines above, ist purpose appears to be making up the readers' minds for them.
For Facts, please check my Website here:

In fairness, I urge caution. I'll be making an announcement on August 17 which will make many of those commentators appear rather silly.