Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wet Weekend at Wynkoop

Thanks to Dave Pyeatt for these photos.
Despite horrible weather for an aviation event, during the days of June 27-30, the folks at The National Waco Club had a rather sporty turnout for their annual fly-in.  While 18 Wacos may not sound like much, it is a great turnout considering the daily downpours that plagued the area.  Furthermore, a large additional number of spirited members displayed the heart of the group in their efforts to make it.
If you’re ever looking for a fun Waco event to attend, watch where the members of The National Waco Club go.  I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know a wide range of Waco owners through the years and have at one time or another attended many of the breed’s events.  Yet, there is something about the Waco community the larger aviation population rarely sees; historically it has had a highly divided ownership base.
Waco owners aren’t the only aviation type club folks to experience this but they do serve as a great example to those in the know.  You would think a Waco owner is a Waco owner but that just isn’t the truth.  In the past, and still today to some extent, whichever Waco Club you were a member of determined which events you went to and which you didn’t.  Likewise, as a Waco owner, your choice of events spoke volumes about who you were.
More storm clouds building.
Blue blood country club types attended one event, Waco purists attended a different one, and the “just enjoy your airplane and have fun” types attended the few events that weren’t frumpy.  Unfortunately, for a potential new Waco owner, it could make you question your ambition.  It also gave Wacos a reputation that quietly stigmatized anyone involved.  Now, thanks largely to the leadership of The National Waco Club, that is changing and a new generation of pilots are taking note.
Today, if you find a Waco owner at a fly-in, you are far more likely to enjoy meeting that person.  In fact, some of them are almost fun.  Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist; that was the Stearman guy in me offering a little friendly jabbing.  But in all seriousness folks, if you ever get a chance to go to the Wynkoop Waco Fly-In, I suggest you do.  In addition to the beautiful aircraft you’ll see, and the friendly aviators involved, the field is a great little privately owned airport that deserves your support.

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