Sunday, October 27, 2013

Great Friends, Below Average Weather

The Spartan based at Silo Field
Thanks to the folks at Silo Field for a great event despite the weather.  Although there was some confusion on my part about the correct day, I somehow managed to get there via a passenger seat in my brother’s car.  And as usual, it was a great time.
If you’ve never been to Silo Field, you’re missing out.  Being a private strip, the casual invitations go out each fall to a group of folks who know who to tell after that.  Then the owners make some special invites to car, motorcycle, and other vintage machinery folks to round out the list.  When they all come together, you get something special.
Other vehicles you see at Silo Field
For me, what made this year’s event great was seeing the group on hand.  A huge percentage of them, which was smaller than usual due to average weather, were people I really love running into just to catch up and hear how they are doing.  Particularly entertaining was the debate at the end that involved people trying to decide if this one guy should buy this certain biplane or not.  Everyone involved had an opinion as to how he should spend his money and as usual I somehow managed to throw a wrench in the operation.  From what I could tell, they had him talked into it until I walked up.  They asked me, thinking I would seal the deal by automatically saying “Hell yeah” and I said “No way”.   Fortunately, nobody took it personal and everyone got a big laugh out of it.  Maybe you had to be there?
Perhaps the best part of the day though was seeing my friend Art Francis.  He’s a book’s worth of stories in himself so I just don’t have the space to cover him here.  But I wanted to make sure to let him know how great it was to see him out and about.  He’s a great man everyone would be better for knowing.
As for the other folks, instead of listing all of you, I’ll just say it was great to spend some time together.  Keep in touch.
Finally, thanks to Mr. Boone for hosting the event and to all the others who help out with it each year.  It has become something I always look forward to.


Paul Burgette said...

Since it isn't on the chart, I'm guessing Silo Field is the airport for Brigadoon.

And a Spartan Executive lives there? Cool!

Paul Burgette

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