Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When Will Connecticut Admit Their Mistake?

If you read NORDO News, you know about the recent fight to right a major wrong in Connecticut. Wait, I just realized I need to be very specific.  I'm talking about the bill the Governor of Connecticut signed decreeing Gustave Whitehead as the first in flight despite absolutely ZERO credible evidence of such a thing. 
Sure, some of you may point to the fact the "Gustavites" have been trying to get someone to buy into their BS for decades.  You may also treat that as smoke from a fire.  Unfortunately, each and every one of those decades they have been proven wrong.  Yet, likely in the interest of a tourism slogan, Connecticut showed itself to be a willing conspirator when it dove headfirst into a photo claimed as new evidence. Shortly thereafter the state passed and signed into law a bill that proclaimed their belief in the myth.  The photo was then easily disproved and the Governor's signature now lies firmly printed on a sham.
Wow, that's a tough place to be.  How embarrassing.  I mean, it's almost as bad as signing a bill that says Bigfoot exists in Houston.  So how do we all get past this?Someone is going to have to swallow their pride; uummm, that would be you Connecticut.
While we all wait for that moonwalk, a group of historians are building an overwhelming show of evidence and support for the overturning of this folly.  And by overwhelming, I mean so much that even the Governor of Connecticut would understand how silly the bill he signed is.  Let's hope they accomplish their goal.
Fortunately, the effort is starting to get traction as evidenced by a recent news conference held by Ohio and North Carolina legislators. The Aero-News Network reports that during this event the representatives, whose states share a common bond to the Wright brothers, spoke out against the Connecticut bill.  Furthermore, working as a unified forcce they released a document signed by 34 historians, archivists, authors and others showing support for their effort. The document can be read here.
Let's all hope this is over soon.

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