Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Sky Siren Flies

Mark Lightsey and his guys at Aerocraftsman have another success on their hands.  The Sky Siren has flown.
Friday, October 11th, marks the first flight of this highly modified Travel Air. Having been on the radar of “antiquers” for several years, its mods and paint scheme are things you can’t ignore.  When you see it in person, you’ll be blown away.
Built up with speedwings, a barreled and cowled fuselage like a D4D, disc brakes, hanging rudder pedals, a 300 Lycoming and 2B-20 prop, this plane is going to make some news.  All in all it took 6 337s to get this thing approved and that’s only half the story.  Put to a point, this beauty has enough hours in it for three or four Travel Airs.  Heck, the paint scheme alone, well, look at it.  That’s all paint; no decals.  Its owner, Richard Zeiler, must be proud.
Mark tells me the first flight went well and lasted 25 minutes.  Cruise speed at 22” and 1900 rpm was 125 kts, speed over the fence for the first landing was 75, and that it three pointed nicely.  Of course, he could have saved all those words and just said, “It’s something you’d love to fly”, and he’d have been right.
Look for the Sky Siren at a fly-in or airshow near you.  This plane will surely make the rounds as it seems almost purpose built for viewing.  In real life or print, it is sure to please.
This new old girl is amazing.

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