Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How the World Sees You

More relevant than you may think.
Are you into old planes?  I mean, do you love antiques?  Does the sound of an old biplane put lead in your pencil or set your pants on fire (best I could do to cover both sexes)?  Do you spot things like 5 vs 7 cylinders when you look at a radial?  When tapes aren't straight on a fabric job do they make you twitch like spotting a crooked picture on the wall?  If you get the point and this is you then you ought to read this blog post written by a car guy.
Click here to read the piece I'm talking about.  I think it adequately covers a lot of our readers.  It also demonstrates how those of us in the internal combustion sports have a lot more in common than we might initially realize.  I've always believed we should be working together and after reading that last line, one which is as true as the laws of physics, I have no doubt.  If nothing more, we definitely need a new marketing strategy.

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