Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What's In This Newsletter?

Every month or so we take most of our blog posts and combine them into a newsletter.  Next we mail it out to around 7000 aviation enthusiasts who then read it as their leisure.  Ordinarily we leave it up to readers to discover what's inside.  This time though we wanted to give a quick rundown of what's inside for several reasons.
The first and most important reason is there are a lot of posts going into this one and we don't want you to be overwhelmed by them.  Most, in fact, are nothing but short explanations for a survey/poll at the end.  We hope you have fun with them and actually participate.
Next, we wanted to point out to those of you who get this newsletter that these blog posts can be seen in a more timely manner if you visit the NORDO News blog and sign up to follow the blog.
And finally, for your enjoyment, we have thrown in some videos of the recent first flight of a vintage Jenny, an article from another blog about how you are seen by the rest of the world, a video of Christmas tree harvesting by helicopter, and a blog admission by Rich that he is considering giving up.
Remember, you can find us here, on facebook, at linked in and on twitter.  Our clothing can be found on some of aviation's finest bodies, our calendars hang in pilot caves around the world, and our airport is open year round to the planet's finest aviators.  If you love aviation you'll love it here.  It's "where old planes go to fly".

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