Monday, August 3, 2015

Champs vs Cubs - The Rules
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The Champs vs Cubs Challenge will include three categories:
     1) Purebreds
     2) All Variants
     3) Team Champ and Team Cub T-shirt sales
The purebreds include any J-series Cub and 7-series Champ built through 1951. Included in this group is any military version of either, such as the L-4 and L-16. Whichever team has the largest total on hand for the weekend wins this part of the challenge.
The next category, due to the many variations of each breed, will include all fabric covered aircraft built by Aeronca and Piper, plus any fabric covered variant built by other manufacturers. This group includes everything from C-2 Aeroncas to new Decathalons, and early Cub models such as the J-2 up through modern machines like Legend Cubs. Whichever group has the largest total on hand for the weekend wins this part of the challenge.
Finally, thanks to a Sporty’s Pilot Shop sponsorship, the competition will begin August 2nd, 2015 and continue through August 22nd. Support your favorite team, even if you can’t make the fly-in, by purchasing a “Team Champ” or “Team Cub” t-shirt. For the next three weeks we will post regular updates on sales.  When the deadline arrives, the team with the most shirt sales wins the first round of the challenge.
BUT WAIT; THERE'S MORE!  The T-shirt part of the challenge comes with a bonus.  Wear one of the Champs vs Cubs shirts to the fly-in and get in free.

You must be wearing a Champs vs Cubs shirt to get in free. Carrying it doesn't count.
There are many styles and colors available where you order the shirts.
Be sure to order the right size.


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