Friday, August 21, 2015

Welcome Signature Engines as a Fly-In Sponsor

Please welcome Signature Engines as a sponsor of The Aviation Migration.  Held annually at Lee Bottom Flying Field, this event is a favorite of grass roots aviators.  Located in a scenic river bottom on the Ohio River, it attracts all types of enthusiasts and aircraft.  Visit the fly-in and you'll see a segment of aviation near and dear to the people of Signature Engines.  They are true believers in General Aviation and the always do what they can to support it.  If the heart of a company is important to you we highly recommend them.
Each year, hundreds of power plants ship from the Signature Engines shop located at Lunken Field, Cincinnati.  Across the country and around the planet, aviators fly behind their products with pride.  Having a quality engine up front is one thing.  Knowing it also came from a company run by some of aviation's best people is another.  If you want to work with a company like that, contact Signature Engines.

To see a video tour of Signature Engines' shop hosted by Phil Boyer, click here.

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