Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fly-In Volunteer Week, August 22nd-30th.

If you have any time to volunteer to the folks at Lee Bottom they could use it.  During the dates of August 22nd through the 30th, as much fly-in prep as possible will be completed.  Are you up for it?   There is so much to be done.
Unfortunately, due to a new job, Rich will be in training right up to the event.  This means the block of days mentioned above is the only time he will have free between now and the fly-in.  Therefore, the goal is to get the airport close to fly-in status by the end of that week.  This is the only way to make it all happen.   Furthermore, Ginger cannot do it all herself (nor could anyone) even when she is free and this time she also happens to be busy with an outside project.
Yes, the timing on everything isn't optimal, but that's what exists to work with.   Can you help?  If so, send an email with information about what days you can help.   They will email you back with a better schedule and notes about what needs to be done.

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