Monday, September 7, 2015

A Personal Note About the Fly-In from Rich and Ginger

Each year people fly to the Lee Bottom fly-in for different reasons.  People come from all over to gather in this safe haven for aviators.  Many come to be part of something fun.  Others head this way as a trek to a place they rarely see.  Some though are motivated to make it to show support for us.
As for that last one, it is great and we really appreciate it.  We really do.  Yet, maybe you should know why we do it?  Then you might understand why that reason also bothers us.
Ginger and I hold this event for the same reason you start a small fire to create a big one.  We don't strike the match so that we're lit by the flame.  The spark is created and slaved over year after year in hopes it inspires others to participate more actively in aviation.  In other words, we provide the heat and you're the firewood.  If you want the sport to be white hot, you have to make it that way.  No firewood, no fire.  No fire, no aviation.
It really is that simple.  When you go to events, we feel you should enjoy the heck out of them.  We also believe you have to know in your mind that you're doing it for the sport itself; essentially fluffing your own pillow.
That said, we can't wait to see all our friends again.  We're already getting excited.  We hope you are too.

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