Monday, September 7, 2015

Say Hello to Some Great People

Always smiling.
We've had some great help at the airport this past month.  As you know we have hosted "work kampers" before and we've made some great friends in the process.  This year is no different.
Gerard and Lacretia Rowe have been staying at the airport for almost a month now and have kept things moving.  They showed up at the perfect time and saved us when we were short on help.  But, they're also great folks.  It has been a true pleasure having them around and I regret not having been there more to get to know them better.
I could go on about these two but instead I'll encourage you to stop and say hello to them.  Like I said, they're great people and always fun to be around.  If nothing more, please thank them for their help.  They have gone above and beyond to assist with the fly-in and we really want them to know they are appreciated.

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