Monday, September 14, 2015

Win a Set of Tires

Win a set of tires.

This year, one of the Aviation Migration Fly-In sponsors is Desser Tire.  When we told them about the event, and Champs vs Cubs, they decided they wanted to take part.  One of the ways they're doing so is by contributing a set of tires, 600x6 6-ply Condor retreads, for us to give away.
Here's how to win.
Go to the Lee Bottom website by clicking here.  Once you are there you will see "The Rules" and "Vote Page" toward the top.   Enter to win, by clicking on "The Rules."  That page will tell you how.  Follow the rules and start digging out your best photos or take new ones at The Aviation Migration and enter them in the contest when you get home.
Here they are, waiting for a new owner.
Ah, but how do you win?  That's easy.  You share the page with everyone and tell them to vote on your photo.   People vote by hovering over the photo, then clicking like.  The person with the most "likes" wins.
OK, it's time to get started.  Go the page, read the rules, share the page, then vote.  We look forward to seeing the great images everyone has.

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