Monday, September 7, 2015

Fly-In Food and Booze

Like this only different.

If you're planning to attend the fly-in and you are wondering how much the food will cost we do not have an exact price on everything just yet.  But as in year's past, we will do everything possible to offer food at a decent price considering it is being served way out here in the country.  It isn't dirt cheap and it isn't super expensive.  For now I would plan on the typical costs of eating out (more upscale than White Castle and below that of Ruth's Chris) and we'll post more specific prices online when we have them.  In the meantime, here is the food schedule.
As for booze, that kind of went by the wayside this year.  Like everything else, regulation and liability concerns make it difficult.  Therefore there will not be anyone on site offering spirits. So, if you're wanting a little something to take the edge off, keep you warm on a cool night, or looking for a magic elixir to make your jokes funnier, we recommend you bring it with you.

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