Thursday, September 15, 2016


***Revision at bottom.

Currently it appears Friday is going to be a good day. Therefore, all the speaking, give-a-ways, bonfire, the cookout, and random fun stuff will happen that evening.  And yes, the Rascals of Ragtime band will be here too!

Saturday is cancelled due to weather. We will not have food on hand on Saturday, but, if anyone shows up Friday and plans to camp through to Sunday, we’ll make runs to town for food.  Sunday is not cancelled.

Sunday we will be here.  Currently we are trying to arrange for BBQ on that day in case a hundred or so folks show up.  If nothing else, some might want to fly in on Sunday to hang out for an hour or so.  I guess you could call this our rain date. Fly-in or drive in, and hang out.

As for the people who have asked if we could postpone the event until another weekend, we’ve already committed to $5000 worth of vendor support.  This is spent, event or not. That’s not counting the dollars it takes to get the place ready. OR, put a different way, when you’re half way through building a new home, you can’t expect the builder to put it on a different lot.

If there is no way to make it due weather, feel free to help out by clicking here to bid on some of the great products our sponsors have contributed.

That’s all we have for now. Thanks for your ongoing support.  Watch for other possible updates.
Please remember our sponsors.  When events are affected by weather, so are they.  We will never forget all the companies and individuals who have supported us through the years.

Revision:  It appears some are going to show up and camp anyway.  Four planes have arrived today (Thursday), with more daylight left.  Therefore, although technically cancelled, it looks like we'll be doing a very stripped down version of the fly-in on Saturday.  Stripped down means we'll all be figuring out how to make it work, running to town for food if there are enough people to warrant it, watching movies, and or telling BS stories.  As one friend said, "The best memories are made when things go to sh_t."   Additionally, if you want to car camp, we'll do our best to find places for you - most likely up on the field. But, you should bring food as we've cancelled nearly all the Saturday food.  If you want to come spend the weekend roughing it, feel free to do so. Please remember though, it will not be much more than camping at an airport.


JimGardner said...

I've known about LeeBottom flyin since I was in high school, a LONG TIME AGO! As of about two months ago I realized I could actually get there this year, and in my own airplane. While not the C120 I originally wanted to bring, it is my very own Piper Twin Comanche, and I'm brining my sweety wife to Indy for a family visit while I am continuing to LeeBottom to arrive around 1 pm Friday. I see the wx coming, but I've camped in the rain before... I look forward to seeing photographer Bob Burns Friday when I land... Hopefully I'll get out OK Sunday early afternoon!

Unknown said...

Well, I guess my decision to pre-register, and to buy the T Shirts wasn't such a smart decision after all. As the saying goes "We'll be all dressed up with no place to go."
Can't blame the folks at Lee Bottom. It's just a shame that the weather wasn't a bit more cooperative. So, I guess we will drive up in our car, and camp out somewhere close. Sure would help if we could camp out somewhere on the airport grounds; hint, hint, hint! It would be greatly appreciated by all of us who were flying in, and now are forced to drive or cancel
Tom & Sandy Odehnal

Jerry Graham said...

Tom, pre-registering and buying the t-shirt will still help out these fine folks continue to have an airport that you can enjoy in good weather. Hate it for them especially since this is the last year for this. They are out a lot of money already preparing this event for everyone to enjoy. Just my two cents worth.

Rich Davidson said...

We have four that have come in already today by plane. Most plan to stay and camp. We'll find places for car campers to camp and it looks like Saturday will be a stripped down, those of us that are here, version of a typical Saturday.

Unknown said...

First of all, I'm saddened that the Fly-in/Migration/Rose by any other name will not be happening again after this year. It's especially sad since a recent unexpected inheritance has put me within reach of owning my own aircraft, and I was looking forward to flying into Lee Bottom starting next year, rather than driving. But I understand why things are going that way for the Migration.

Now: I'm confused. I bought a (drive-in) ticket online, for Saturday. You announce you're going to plan B, which is having most events on Sunday. But your ticket vendor, Universe 2, has just sent me, unsolicited, a new ticket dated for...Friday.

I can't make it Friday due to a conflict. I can go on Sunday, though. Will my original Saturday ticket be good for Sunday?

Anonymous said...

The Owensboro gang will be flying there tomorrow one way or the other!
See you then
Chris May

Rich Davidson said...

Tom, come on up and you'll be able to get in. If you think it is confusing, you should be on this end.

Anonymous said...

Rats on the WX but not Ginger/Rich's fault. Agree with Jerry Graham above - much tougher on Ginger and Rich than on me. Won't chance the WX from Pgh in the Cub, but thinking about driving over - hope to drop in Sat. or Sun. Plane camping ticket already bought will be a small contribution (as in 2008). And, I have the T-shirt! I'll still get to fly in someday, even if not to Fly-in. Thanks Davidsons!! John Artz, Pittsburgh. 1941 Cub.

Miller Monarch said...

Rich: My grandson has planned on "Lee Bottom" all year so we'll be there tomorrow evening to "rough it" for the weekend!

Unknown said...

For years I have been trying to make it down to Lee Bottom but it never worked out for one reason or another, but when I heard this was going to be the last year we decided we had to attend. Sorry to hear that you don't have the weather under control but with that long of a commute and the likelihood of a small turnout we will not be making it after all. We bought our Tee shirts and will proudly wear them to another fly-in closer to home here in Wisconsin.

Unknown said...

Rich if you get chance could you update any activity or more attendance where as some of us might fly in anyway for a short while at least, Saturday or Sunday

Mark McDaniel, Martinsville, IN

Ed Burke said...

I live in Queensland, Australia so getting to Lee Bottom is not easy but it has always been on my wish list. As today is the last time it is apparent that I have missed out however, being a simming enthusiast I have landed at 641 in a Beech 17 and I will join you at lunch for a virtual snack.
All the best for the future at Lee Bottom Rich and Ginger, cheers,
Ed Burke, Bluegrass Airlines.