Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Coincidence? You Make the Call.

I always find it interesting how certain things seem to generate so many stories.
Two years ago a good friend suggested he and I try to work with Disney to promote "Planes" the movie.  At the time I had reservations because I knew the direction the series, that started with "Cars", had taken.  But, my friend was convincing and for a while we tried.
Contacting everyone we knew to find a connection at the organization led to some interesting conversations but nothing panned out.   That didn't deter us though.  We were sure we had the perfect way to reach out to the aviation market before and after its release so we kept trying.  Unfortunately, finding the right person seemed impossible.
Then one day, I ended up talking, through email, to a gate keeper at the studio. During our fairly short lived conversation of replies, I gave them background information about my friend, myself, and Lee Bottom.  I also inquired as to potential ways we could work with the studio on such a promotional project.  Soon thereafter, I was told about some changes happening with the movie(changes that did happen), delays, blah blah blah, and pretty much given the old "we have no interest" line.  And after that, I was done. From that point on I really didn't even think much about it until recently when I wrote about my predictions for the movie.
But who cares?   Right?  Why the story?
Well, today a friend sent me this promotional poster from the movie "Planes".  It's an image of one of the characters in the movie.  His name is LeadBottom.  Coincidence? You make the call.

I'm seeing a resemblance.


Anonymous said...

I see it! - Jed K.

BruceG said...

You have Lee Bottom trademarked, yes?