Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Finally, The Calendars are Coming

With heads hung low and shuffling feet, we announce the calendars are on their way.  We hope you enjoy them and apologize for the delay.  Although this is by far the latest they've ever gone out we feel lucky to have them completed.
In production for 27 years, these limited edition calendars have become a true tradition with a big following.  Printed in the format of old fashioned gas station calendars, the single photo, motto, and tear away calendar pads make them unique in today's world of giant, multi-page, Christmas kiosk offerings.  Plus, they're also small enough to be used without adding an addition your house; how convenient.
But like I said, we feel lucky to have them completed.  The printing company which makes the calendar pads tells us this may have been the last year of production.  If so, short of making them ourselves, we could be out of options for next years edition.  Therefore, like I said earlier, we hope you enjoy them.  Next year's run, later this year, could be interesting.
Finally, as most of you know, the calendars have become the primary source of fundraising for the airport.  As always, we greatly appreciate your support.  Every penny of these donations goes into the airport.  Items like tractor gas, equipment repairs, cone replacement, and restroom upkeep are typical things your contributions support.
Years ago Ginger and I agreed we would keep the airport open to the public as long as people were willing to show their support by taking on part of the expense.  This decision served several purposes.  It gave aviators some responsibility in the survival of the field and it allowed us opportunities to share with people how much it actually costs to operate such a place.  Thanks to that decision, although the airport receives no government funding, it is still here.  Furthermore, when times got tough, we did not have to worry about weaning this corner of aviation from the government dole.  Instead, we were only left to wonder if aviators would still find it worthy of support.  The answer is up to you.
Here's to another great year of aviation.

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