Friday, March 29, 2013

The Weekend Walkabout - Your Suggestions, Your Links

What is The Weekend Walkabout?  In the spirit of talk shows which all seem to have Free Form Fridays, Free-for-All Fridays, Open Lines Fridays, we have decided to try something similar  with NORDO News.  If you are unfamiliar with how "Free Form Friday"  radio shows work, basically they are days (Friday) when listeners are allowed to call in and discuss whatever they would like.  Often callers keep their subjects in line with typical topics of the show, but often other fun or crazy things work their way in due to the format.  Since aviators are typically fun, free spirited types, this could lead to some interesting links.
Because this open format always has a name associated with the time frame in which it is held, I decided the NORDO News "free-for-all" would be called "The Weekend Walkabout".  During the day of Friday, people are encouraged to send links to anything they find interesting.  These can even be things that we would otherwise never post.  And just like call radio shows, unfortunately not all things make it on the list because sometimes the lines are busy or the screener just can't handle them all.  Yet, don't let that stop you from trying.
To get the ball rolling a post a note placed on our facebook page requesting people send us links to interesting aviation items.  It is from that post we received the following links; a pretty good sampling of items.
If there is something you would like to add, feel free to post it in the comments.  If you would like to discuss one or more of the links, post that in the comments also.  Whatever you do, we hope you take a little time to chill out and look at what we ended up with in a very short time frame.  Watch or view them all and you will likely have fun, shed tears, be amazed, or plan a vacation to Italy.
All the contributed links, plus one or two I added (sorry, I had to), are listed below.  A few of them are from facebook therefore if you don't have a facebook account you may or may not be able to see them.  Otherwise, the rest should be available to everyone.  In the interest of keeping these random they are numbered but not titled.  Click on each number to see something new.

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Charlie said...


You know I love and support what you're doing down there. I wish I had some money to help you, but it seems all I ever do is spread the word for you.

Anyway, I'm busy with my museum up here at Lunken Airport all the time and I know how hard it is to raise money so we do have some commonality there. I hope you stop by and visit sometime.

There may come a time when I have items to help with your museum. I get offered stuff all the time (not the green stuff though) and if I know more about where you're going with your effort, I'll be able to determine where things deserve to go.

Charlie Pyles
859-803-2016 my cell