Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grass Mowers in Action

A friend drops in to visit.
Thanks to a few hours of decent weather, Ginger was able to get outside today and move the sheep into a new grazing area.  Since this was the first time some of the new lambs (future grass mowers) had seen fresh grass, they were running around like kids on a playground.  Occasionally though they would stand still just long enough to give her a chance to take photos.  Here's two of the images.  The photo above shows a 170 taking off to the south.  The second one offers a view of the sheep and, in the background, work being done to repair the roof on the house.
Look closely and you can see roof repair in action.

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Small Engine Mechanic said...

Interesting how you call them "grass mowers" and not lawn mowers since they are not eating a lawn.