Monday, March 18, 2013

Interesting Projects Gather Steam

Here in America, three interesting vintage aviation projects continue to gather steam.  One of them is highly, let me correct that, extremely customized, another is a rare bird which, unlike most others in existence, is being restored with flight as a priority, and the other is something of particular interest to Aeronca enthusiasts from Indiana.  What are they?  A Travel Air, Jenny, and an LB Aeronca.
Mark Lightsey and his gang at Aerocraftsman are finishing this amazing Travel Air.  Known at The Sky Siren, its sure to live up to its name; even the most jaded aviators will be drawn to its beauty.  And yes, some will say it is too much.  But, I don't think it is.  As long as it is one of a kind, it serves as a great representation of some of the more over-the-top birds of its day.
A few days ago, it was rolled out and run for the first time.  The first flight is expected next month.  If you want more, you can go to Mark's website

Brian Karli and Ron Alexander, with the help of many friends, have been hard at work on their Jenny.  Partnerships rarely work but this one is the exception.  Ron is putting forth the many behind the scenes resources it takes to build, operate, and store such a machine, plus covering work, and Brian is doing the large part of the restoration craftsmanship.  Together they have managed, in a fairly short period, to put together a "Hisso Jenny" that is expected to fly this Summer.  Brian has a great blog that details the rebuild.  Click here to see the blog and  click here to see where it will call home.

Paul Workman, of Bedrock Aero, is hard at work finishing two L model Aeroncas.  This is great news to Aeronca enthusiasts who have watched with dismay as nearly all L models have been donated to static display museums.  The planes Paul is working on sat in rafter storage in Indiana for ages.  Everyone knew about them and almost everyone, at one point or another, claims to have seen them.   A few years back, a deal was struck for their restoration and their journey back to the air began.  You can read the full story in Sport Aviation after the first of these planes has been finished, flown to Oshkosh, and won an award.  For now, you can visit Paul's website to get updates.
Paul says one will be finished early next year and then the other will be finished.

Bonus Inclusions:
Tim Pinkerton and Jim Beisner are really close on this 1928 Waco GXE.  From what I understand, it is finished except for the engine sheet metal and Waco enthusiasts everywhere look forward to someone building that cowling.

The folks at Peach State Aerodrome are also getting this Waco ready for flight.

And, Steve and Tina Thomas, of Poplar Grove fame, have yet another Waco getting close to flight.

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