Thursday, September 4, 2014

Congratulations to EAA and Jim Busha

Remember that post about the EAA editorial that seemed so out of place; the one where I predicted the organization would have to replace the Chief Editor of Sport Aviation with someone new?  I can always tell when I've hit on a hot button because the comments flow in. Other posts might get one or two but a hot one ignites the wires.  That post ignited the wires.
Jim Busha - Photo EAA
With that in mind, I have some great news. It is my understanding, effective the end of October, Jim Busha will be the new Chief Editor of Sport Aviation.  He is the perfect choice for this position and I look forward to great things coming from the publication under his leadership. Who knows, people might even start reading it again.
If you're wondering where the official EAA announcement is, to my knowledge they have yet to produce one (note: 12 hours after this post they announced it)  I heard this was happening from two different people and a third confirmed it. For that reason I feel comfortable putting it out there.  Rumors had been flying that this was going to happen but with word leaking out of Wisconsin I'm sure it's a done deal.
Congratulations to EAA for making such a positive change.  When you boil it all down you have the airshow and Sport Aviation.  Those are the signatures of your organization.  With this decision regarding the magazine, you've taken a sinking ship, righted it, given it a good captain, and plotted its course out of harm's way.  

Up next; will EAA Government Relations ever grow a set of balls?

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RayMan said...

I now only receive SPORT AVIATION via e-mail, and I didn't know 'why' - until now.
As a member of the old Antique~ Classic Division, I continue with the hard copy of VINTAGE AIRPLANE, although the 2014 $$$ prevents me from now owning such planes. I have a PPC that I'm just starting to fly (dual), and it's a real hoot. It's "situational awareness" in your face - literally !!
Here's hoping Jim will bring SPORT AVIATION completely into the 'grass roots' realm - like it was backmin the late seventies :))