Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Plane Lands on Golf Course - Pilot Walks Away

Thanks to a few local businesses and a few good friends we've pushed the fly-in marketing to a new level. Several years back, the week before the event, we put a plane on display at a local bank situated on Clifty Drive.  Clifty is the main drag in town where most people drive on a daily basis.  Since that first display, we've done it every year.
Ken Jordan with his beautiful Champ on Clifty Drive
Now though, in 2014, we've put two aircraft on display.  One is at the Clifty Golf Range and one is at River Valley Financial Bank.  The Cub is sitting at the driving range just ten feet from the highway where nearly all traffic travels on its way in and out of Madison.  Ken Jordan's Champ is at the bank.  The marketing value for the event, and the businesses who have chosen to host our unique displays, would be difficult to calculate. Yet, anyone in marketing would tell you its worth its weight in gold to everyone involved.  Not only that, its great PR for aviation as a sport.
So, if you're passing through the area don't be surprised to see a beautiful vintage plane sitting by the road. It's probably just another display put on by Lee Bottom Flying Field and made possible with the help of locals who see its inherent value.
Thanks again to the Clifty Golf Range, River Valley Financial Bank, Wil Goering for coordinating this with various local entities, the local police force for blocking traffic, WKM News for covering this unique display, and Ken Jordan for flying his plane into Main Street USA.

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