Monday, September 15, 2014

We Have The Best Sponsors

Through the years the Lee Bottom Fly-In has had many great sponsors.  Of course, other events have also. But there's something different about ours.
Many years ago, when we first started looking for event sponsors, we thought about it and put some pretty strict rules on who we would accept.  Yes, I said that right.  We like sponsors but we won't take money from or promote just anyone.  Our fly-in supporters have to be people and or businesses we personally know to be highly respectable, morally upstanding, and committed to aviation.  If there is any doubt about their business practices, ethics, or general demeanor as a business, we will not work with them.
Naturally, this makes it a little more difficult to find sponsorships.  But, we believe this is the right way to do business.  Therefore, when you see someone sponsor the event, you know we have vetted them to the best of our ability and that they are as upstanding a person, group, or company as you can find in aviation.  We hope you'll consider giving them your business.
Here are this year's $500 or greater sponsors:
Aeronautical Charters, Inc
Poly Fiber
Randolph Aircraft Systems
Signature Engines
Bowman Eagles
Geez Beez Honey
QAM, Inc
Vintage Pursuits LLC
Barfing Bee Honey Farm
Derrick Engineering, Inc
Gordon Farms

Rich and Ginger Davidson

Also, thanks to our "in kind" sponsors and the Claim a Cone sponsors.  This list is still growing so we'll fill you in on them in the coming days.

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