Monday, September 15, 2014

To Do Great Things is Your Choice

When you host an event like the Lee Bottom Fly-In you can't help but think about Paul Poberezney saying that with EAA he learned more about people than he did airplanes.  What you see and hear from the masses comes from all corners.  After a while, nothing surprises you.  But, it can disappoint.
Today we received this email from a Mr. H. - "Please count me as one airplane that you are not going to have at your fly-in, thirty dollars for my wife and I to visit for the day is ridiculous".  Poor old Jim seems to think those other "free" events he attends are actually free.  I guess he doesn't realize they're paid for with federal tax dollars, local government allotments (tax dollars), or wealthy folks who are spending their money on entertainment.  Unfortunately, we don't get any funding and we certainly do not have a lot of spare pennies lying around.  But, Jim's sure we're out of bounds and instead of just not coming to the event, he wanted to make sure we knew how out of bounds he thinks we are.  I guess he hasn't looked at what the other events charge. As far as I can tell, we're the least expensive event of its type out there.  Oh well, I'm pretty sure he's one of those people who complains non-stop about aviation being in the toilet but never tries to do anything about it.
Please check one.  Choose the answer which is most correct and answer honestly.
Later in the day I received a message from a different aviator.  This one was from Mr. L.  Ralph texted me to say "Sorry to miss the fly-in this year and weekend.  Would like to claim a cone though and have you give the ticket to a local youngster.  How can we make that happen?"  It's an amazing juxtaposition isn't it?
With the beginning of each day all of us choose what to make of it.  Above is the perfect example of the two choices you have.  You can be miserable or you can do great things.  Do great things.

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