Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lee Bottom Fly-In Review Part 1

Congratulations to J.H.
Some of you may remember my post about the guy who emailed to say he thought the fly-in registration fee of $30 for two people was, in his words, “ridiculous” and that he would not be attending because of it.  It is irrelevant that his family owns a gas supply company.  And the fact they have several extremely boring corporate aircraft should not be counted in the equation either.  But what should be considered is that no matter what language someone speaks, the sense of entitlement translates the same.  This guy probably bitches about the poor and their expectations of free “stuff” at the expense of tax payers yet he clearly is just as infected with the disease.

Oh well, what’s a society to do with people like this?  Myself, I posted everything I could find out about him online, including any dark alleys he might be found in, along with his senseless words, and in my mind that was that.  Then I received a short letter in the mail.
EJV, I owe you a beer.
Pictured here is the letter with just a little redaction for privacy purposes.  Reading it is reassuring because the words tell me I am not alone.  Out there is a man who understands and he too is tired of all this crap.  He’s being taken by the bottom and the top and being insulted by both as they reach into his pockets for money and pieces of his soul.  And yet, he holds out; one of the few remaining examples of what being American once meant.
We used to take care of each other but never expected anything in return.  Citizens hated bullies and solved the problem themselves without crying to the teacher or local police.  When a person in our life was targeted, we circled the wagons instead of throwing the target to the wolves.  And, when we saw someone putting forth an effort, we hoped with all our might for their success, not failure.  Having received this letter, I now know of another person out there who still embodies those notions.
His words are simple and straightforward yet his depth of understanding is clear.  Instead of sitting by and watching us swallow a load of crap, as a replacement he offered chocolate cake and words of encouragement.
Thank you Mr. EJV. You made my day.

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Unknown said...

lt was a great fly in! l enjoyed every second and it was worth every penny!