Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another Great Aviator and Builder Gone

Waking up from my own bed for a change, things were going well.  Then I opened my email.  Jim Moss had died (September 1st, 2013).
Jim’s aviation history is long and storied but most of today’s generations know him for his replicas, the Super Solution and Gee Bee QED.  What I remember most though is how he and Ginger hit it off at one airshow years ago.  Jim’s shadow was long and that’s where most people naturally fell.  Ginger though, with some good natured Indiana style ribbing, made him wonder who was standing in whose shadow and before long he’d put her in the Super Solution to check it out and get her picture taken.
The other thing I think about when I think of Jim is how he got stuff done.  When other folks would have been planning their deaths he was planning his next project.  There was always another item on his to-do list and no doubts or fears were going to stop him from accomplishing it.  It’s an admirable trait and because Jim had it we are left with some great memories we otherwise would not have had.
I hope there’s a big shop where he’s gone.  If not, they’re going to have to add on.  Rest in peace Jim.

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